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Weigh Anchor!

This is it! If you're reading this, then we humbly invite you to join us on this adventure into the abyssal tides of software development. Whether we're working on games, custom training software, asset packs, or development tools, we're committed to our passion and have our sights set on new horizons.

We have multiple projects in the works!


Night Project Get out your dice set and character sheets! The Night Project ™ is a first-person survival horror game set to experiment with the genre's defining characteristics. This project aims to bring a healthy dose of classic tabletop RPG design elements and craft an engaging cooperative survival horror experience. The project is currently in the very early pre-production stage, and likely won't be ready to show for a while.

Unreal Engine Marketplace / Gumroad Products:

Spline Volumes

Spline Volumes is a blueprint project that includes a new actor useful for quickly creating custom volume shapes for trigger events and more. Sometimes you need a more detailed volume shape for your needs, and this tool helps save time from having to author custom meshes for overlaps. Spline Volumes are easy to modify on the fly with minimal effort from level designers compared to normal volume actors. The tool also includes additional functionality for features like proximity to volume bounds detection, auto-conforming the spline to surfaces in the level, and more.

Volume Tracing System

Volume Tracing System is a blueprint project that includes a defined volume actor that iterates through an array of cell components to perform a large amount of custom traces over time. This system is suitable for projects that require scanning of complex volumes in the level for game logic or effects. The project includes optimizations to maximize performance of the system such as auto culling of empty cells, and more.


Over the next few months, we'll be posting updates on our upcoming products for the Unreal Engine Marketplace / Gumroad, as well as ramping up pre-production on our new game project.

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